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Ancient transparent glass

Antique glass is generally used on buildings dating from before 1920 and ancient glass on later constructions. Select finishes and thickness on the next step.
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Antique glass - before 1920
Ancient glass - after 1920
Antique glass - before 1920
Ancient glass - after 1920

Decorative glass Fancy a coloured glass?

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Coloured decorative cut-to-size glass

Coloured glass for renovation of stained glass buildings and art objects. Antique coloured glass.

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Do you have a broken or cracked window or an old tile?

Whether you need to replace an old window glass, a tile, a decorative or a renovation glass, Antic Glass has the solution you need. We offer two glass finishes, perfectly adapted to the renovation of old houses and buildings. An "Antique" glass that is mouth-blown, generally used on buildings dating from before 1920, which reached its heyday between the end of the 16th and the 19th century. An "Ancient" glass, that is a drawn glass, generally used after the 1920s, between the 19th and 20th centuries. This glass is available in two different thicknesses, to ensure the most faithful renovation.

- Original style

- Preserve the original glass

- Transparency and optimal glass quality

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Easy, in just a few clicks, order your new cut-to-size renovation glass! Express delivery at home!

Renovate identically using handcrafted products with a modern service! Our workshop pays particular attention to the cutting of your restoration glass, especially when it comes to the precision of the measurements, but also to the shaping of the edges, which ensures polished edges.

Also, in order to send your orders in the best possible conditions, we have created specific packaging for antique glass, as well as adapted wedges. Finally, we work hand in hand with transport companies that take particular care of the goods. This is how we guarantee that you will receive your renovation glass in perfect condition as soon as possible, so that you can soon appreciate the final result of your renovation.


Is your glass or tile not rectangular?

This ancient glass is generally used to restore carpentry with a rectangular cut-out. However, you may need an atypical shape for a particular renovation. In such a case, please feel free to contact us using our contact form. 

We also offer coloured glass. For a flat rectangular glass cut-out, please use our "decorative glass" calculator available on the top of this page.


How to use an ancient glass? 

Our ancient glass can be used to renovate ancient joinery or similar decorative objects.

Antique glass (before 1920) is generally used to restore facades, to preserve the authenticity and charm of buildings. It is mouth-blown glass with a unique aesthetic (bubble, string and vibration in the glass) and perfect transparency. 

This glass is used in old houses, private mansions and prestigious buildings such as the Château de Versailles.

Ancient glass (after 1920) was first used to restore joinery. The glass is drawn, seamlessly transparent and allows light to pass through. It is manufactured according to historical techniques. It can be found in old houses, private mansions, private castles, but also in prestigious places such as the Palais Garnier.

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